Light Doctors Devices

USB Rechargeable, battery-powered, and lightweight, included travel case. Ideal for portable treatments on the go.


Handheld Lasers and LEDs

Great for targeting specific areas and tissues for rapid healing and pain relief. From skin level to transcranial stimulation, there are a myriad of options to fit your needs and budget.


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LED Pad Systems

The best option for home use and adaptable to a small clinic environment, these systems have interchangeable pads that treat the legs, head, face and body.



LED Light Beds

This high-powered full body treatment option is great for reducing systemic inflammation and enhancing performance. These beds are ideal for those looking to enhance athletic performance, reduce DOMS, those with inflammatory conditions, and those looking to improve mood and sleep patterns.




The nasal cavity is saturated with blood capillaries and five major arteries connect directly to the circulatory system – making it the perfect location for non-invasive blood photobiomodulation. Transcranial Near Infrared stimulation increases blood flow and release of gene transcription factors.