Vielight 655 Red

$399.00 MSRP

The Vielight 655 Prime emits low-level laser light with a 655 nm wavelength. The beam has a power density of 5 mW/cm2. The laser beam footprint targets the nasal cavity, which is rich in blood capillaries. The device parameters have been derived from clinical studies on low-level light therapy over the last few decades.



The nasal cavity is rich with blood capillaries. There are more capillaries per cm2 than in most organs of the body. Five arteries connect to the nasal cavity, while the Little’s area is a frequent site of nasal bleeding. Given the rich supply of blood and the thin, permeable membrane within the nasal cavity, the light can easily reach the blood. Thus, this area is well-suited for systemic photobiomodulation via blood.

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