K-Laser Cube 4

$24,000.00 MSRP

CUBE’s ISP mode promotes deep tissue penetration without added heat. This exclusive technology means that you can use the same energy but at maximum power without pulling strength away from the laser.




High-powered in CW and ISP modalities, K-Laser Cube includes an innovative, multi-phase, and multi-effect dynamic therapy. It is the ideal tool for treatments against sharp and chronic pain, inflammation, and many other wounds through the increase of vascular and metabolic activity. K-Laser Cube is efficient for sportive rehabilitation, treatment of fractures, tissue trauma, as well as for ligaments and tendons in the post-operative period. Moreover, K-Laser Cube makes it possible to perform special and dedicated treatments in the management of diabetic foot. The wide range of accessories makes it versatile for every field of application. K-Laser Cube technology is also updated thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity.