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Red light infrared therapy healingLED lights of a medical device with power button


$299.00 MSRP

This Rosie is a portable red light therapy mini panel device. Use to reduce pain, inflammation, or soreness after exercise. Ideal for treatments on the go. Capable, powerful, and designed to administer direct Photobiomodulation therapy directly to any area of the body. Powered with 600nm Red +/1 10nm visible light – 850nm near-infrared +/1nm non-visible light. USB Rechargeable, battery powered. Includes USB charging cord (Type C), travel case, and eye protection goggles.

Vielight X-Plus

$769.00 MSRP

Designed initially as an add-on for the Neuro, the Vielight X-Plus combines the Vielight 633 Red device with a versatile 810nm module. Its design and flexibility enables delivery of photobiomodulation (PBM) to a variety of areas not already covered by other Vielight devices.

Engineered for versatility, it comes with a powerful 810 nm LED module (NIR) attached to a flexible stainless steel band. This modern design allows for easy delivery of near-infrared (NIR) light to various brain areas (primarily posterior), as well as other body areas.

Additionally, the X-Plus comes with its own 633 nm intranasal applicator for systemic photobiomodulation. The 633 nm wavelength of the intranasal applicator complements the Neuro’s 810 nm wavelength.


Avant LZ30-Z

$6,850.00 MSRP

This small, lightweight, cordless Class 3B laser is one of the highest-powered in its class. It comes with dozens of preset programs, or the user can create their own. The LZ30-Z allows users to choose from continuous, pulsed and sweeping pulse modes. We love this laser for ease of use and short treatment times.


TQ Solo

$2,995.00 MSRP

The TQ Solo is a safe high-power pulsing cold laser with state-of-the-art multi-frequency emitters in a compact rechargeable portable unit. We love this laser for its range of treatment depths, pulsing capabilities, protocol library, and affordability. This product can also be purchased for home use.


EVO Laser S9

$8,950.00 MSRP

This laser delivers the most therapeutic wavelength according to current research, 810 nm, at a powerful 9W. We love this laser for its comparably low price, portability, and pre-programmed touch display.

K-Laser Cube 3

$19,990.00 MSRP

Non-opioid treatment for pain relief.
With the current worsening opioid epidemic, the importance of non-opioid treatment alternatives to help patients with acute and chronic pain has become increasingly important.
One such non-opioid alternative is laser therapy, a clinically-proven adjacent therapy modality widely used in clinical practice for managing pain and inflammation.

K-Laser Cube 4

$24,000.00 MSRP

CUBE’s ISP mode promotes deep tissue penetration without added heat. This exclusive technology means that you can use the same energy but at maximum power without pulling strength away from the laser.


K-Laser CUBE 4+

$27,500.00 MSRP

Special optics, 5 years of warranty, and with the new version of the software K-Laser Cube 2.0, it is even more powerful, fast and performing!

Light Therapy with Neuro Alpha

Neuro Alpha

$1,799.00 MSRP

The Vielight Neuro Alpha is a powerful brain photobiomodulation (PBM) device. It is one of two next-generation near infrared (NIR) wearable devices, suitable for use at home.

Neuro Duo

$2,399.00 MSRP

The Vielight Neuro Duo combines two transcranial photobiomodulation (tPBM) devices with Vielight’s patented intranasal technology. The Neuro Alpha (10Hz) and Neuro Gamma (40Hz) are included in this convenient and economic combo package.


Light Therapy with Neuro Alpha

Neuro Gamma

$1,799.00 MSRP

The Vielight Neuro Gamma is a powerful brain photobiomodulation (PBM) device. It is one of two next-generation near-infrared (NIR) wearable devices, suitable for use at home.
The patented combination of transcranial and intranasal stimulation makes the Neuro Gamma ideal for comprehensive brain photobiomodulation, by simultaneously stimulating the ventral and cortical brain areas.

black mask with The Light Doctors logoRed led light device with black shape body

Lumos Back Pad

$199.00 MSRP

    The Lumos is a portable device that is capable, powerful, and designed to administer direct red light therapy directly to the lower back area.


    60 diodes of the polychromatic blend of red and infrared photon energy


    USB chargeable and lightweight

ReGenPod Q8

$89,500.00 MSRP

The Q8 includes hundred of factory programs and unlimited user-created programs. The Q8 allows each patient/user to have multiple programs and the system keeps a history of their usage. The kiosk interface allows for the creation and tracking of complete programs, user setup, and tracking. It also can be used as a self-serve system. Users can connect their Blue Tooth device to the speakers inside the Pod and maintain voice control of music using the included Apple® Ipad® Pro and the Itunes® store.

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Avant Stand

$250.00 MSRP


  • Two feet tall
  • Two-foot adjustable handle for extended reach for steady consistent application of laser